I’ve been bad

Oh my gosh I’ve been such a bad blogger this week! Let me explain. Things have been SOOO busy. Like overwhelmingly busy. Mostly with lots of fun stuff, but to the point where I don’t even have time to have a breather! Except for now.. aaaah *sigh*.

I hope all of you had a great week & are having a wonderful weekend. I’m out visiting my parental units in the ‘burbs & its been lovely. Friday night my sister came to visit all the way from England with her adorable new little munchkin! It was so great to meet the little prince & to see her, my brother & his girlfriend, and my parents. We had a great dinner + wine + catch-up times. I cannot WAIT to hear my little nephew’s British accent. English children are just the cutest!

Today was spent enjoying the sun as much as possible! I went for my first “hot” run this year and it kicked my butt. Not that I’m complaining about the heat… but it IS difficult to acclimatize to when running! Over-heating body + seasonal allergies + blister on toe = brutal run. But.. I tried, right?! I actually was quite a trooper (if I can say so myself!) & went for a 10k jog, so, not too shabby :) I came home & did a quick Pilates workout a la Youtube. This 15-minute baby will burrrrn your abs. I like that it’s a quick death, though!

Youtube workout videos are my saving grace when I either don’t have enough time to go to the gym or when I’m having a break day & just want to do a little somethin’ somethin’.

These are some of my favourite channels:

  • Fitness Blender– for full-length or short toning exercises
  • Tone It Up!– sisters K&K have some intense routines! just looking at their abs makes me very motivated.
  • BeFit– probably my FAVOURITE channel. it’s got everything from yoga & Pilates to boxing and focused toning routines!
  • Yogatic– for yoga, duh! the instructor is so adorable, too!
  • Yoga Journal
  • Fine Tune Pilates – Brittany is so motivating & upbeat and can get be through any tough Pilates routine!

Check ‘em out & let me know your thoughts!

After the run, I hung out with Duncan & then went to get my hair cut & coloured. Oooh my word I needed it… BAD. Over the span of the last three months my hair went from a nice blonde to a dirty brown and was just becoming a nasty, greasy mop! I’m happy to say that my arch enemy – roots – are now gone + it’s looking more ALIVE! It was also great to catch up with my hairdresser, Courtney. She is all kinds of amazing + I look forward to seeing her every time! :)

Some recent eats –


Turkey sandwich on a whole-wheat bagel with sundried tomato pesto, swiss cheese, tomato, pickle + mixed greens.


Herbed baked chicken with mixed greens + sweet/baby potatoes with dried cranberries


Berries + oatmeal (a breakfast fav!)


Pasta that could feed a small village – with cherry tomatoes + sautéed kale/spinach


Delicious egg sandwich with scrambled eggs, goat cheese, + sundried tomato pesto on a whole-wheat bagel

Have a happy Saturday & rest up for Mother’s Day tomorrow!





  • Do you ever do workouts from Youtube? If so, what are your favourite channels? Do share!
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